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5 Little-Known Slasher Movie Facts

We all love a little bit of trivia here at the HorrorBull Podcast. Drew, especially, is a master of unknown or cryptic information. Tyler, too, dabbled in the past with becoming the ultimate horror movie knowledge dude. Here is a small list of little-known slasher movie facts:

1. Molly Ringwald Could Have Been Sidney Prescott

Today, it’s almost impossible to think of anyone but Neve Campbell as the strong-willed lead in the Scream series, but originally, Molly Ringwald — Miss 16 Candles Herself — was offered the role of Sidney Prescott. However, she turned down the role because she didn’t want to play a teenager at the age of 27. Smart move. It should also be noted that Brittany Murphy auditioned for the part of Sidney.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street Features Roger Rabbit


We’re not talking about one of the zany kills Freddy engages in during one of the later sequels. Charles Fleischer plays the sleep clinic doctor, Dr. King, in the first Nightmare, and he went on to voice the wascally wabbit in one of my favorite non-kids animated flicks of the 80s, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

3. There Were Three Michaels in the Original Halloween

Though he is played primarily by director John Carpenter’s friend, Nick Castle, Michael Myers as a character really got around in that first movie. The Shape (as he was billed in the credits) was also played briefly by production designer Tommy Lee Wallace. For the “unveiling” scene, in which we get to see what the guy with “devil’s eyes” actually looks like, Tony Moran dons the Shanter mask. And, technically, we could say that Michael Myers was played by FOUR actors in the first film, if Will Sandin — Michael Myers, age 6 — is to be considered.

4. Leatherface was a College Poet

Before his iconic role as the hippie-chainsawing Texan Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen studied literature and mathematics at the University of Texas. He later went on graduate school for Scandinavian Studies. The Icelandic-born actor published a book of poetry called Bear Dancing on the Hill in 1979, not to mention the other three books he put out over the course of his career. He was supposedly one hell of a nice guy, which is why his passing last year from pancreatic cancer was such a blow to the horror community.

5. Jason Was Originally Meant to be Named Josh

Yup. The psychopathic killer from the most iconic 80s slasher series could have been named that friend you kind of want to sleep with but can’t quite get over the fact that he cries during really emotional movie previews. Thankfully, writer Victor Miller changed the name because he thought Josh sounded too nice. They also made the right choice in not calling the movie Long Night at Camp Blood.

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