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Brand New ‘Fran Bow’ Screenshots Reveal Expanded Opening World

Protagonist Fran Bow Leaving Her First Place of Torment

‘Fran Bow’ is a charmingly creepy point-and-click adventure game from Swedish developer KillMonday Games that will be released in the summer of 2014. Some new screenshots reveal neat additions to the game, including the first real view of the outside world.

In the game, you play as the eponymous character, whose sole wish is to escape the mental asylum where she is being held in order to track down her only living relative, Aunt Grace. She is assisted – I hope! – by an anthropomorphic cat by the name of Mr. Midnight, and her adventures will take her beyond the confines of the hospital and into an even more unsettling world-at-large.

Fran Bow Investigating in Hopes of Escaping

The original demo gave players a glimpse of the hospital, where Fran is being treated for the unsettling dreams she has regarding her dead (and brutally-murdered) parents. It included a few rooms and a few notably difficult puzzles, and players were also treated (if such a word can be used) to gory, medicated-assisted visions of the more sinister elements within the game.

However, in a talk via Skype with writer / designer Natalia Figueroa (@Urania_Orwell), it was revealed that the opening world has been expanded. There will be new rooms and non-playable characters, as well as more details for those NPCs, as well. You can see from one of the screenshots that they have also added what looks to be an office of some kind, perhaps for the psychiatrist who makes a brief appearance at the game’s outset.

Clowns. No sir.

In comparing the new screenshots to what memory serves from the demo, the game’s aesthetic quality seems to be refined and improved, and the world also appears to have increased contextual definition. There is more stuff on the walls, more items in the room, and what appears to be more items to be interacted with.

Also, clowns. Added creepiness, definitely.

Based on this expansion, the demo may not be entirely representative of the final game experience, but players can still download it from the developer web site ( In addition, Natalia and collaborator / husband Isak Martinson have also released a platformer entitled ‘Mr. Red’s Adventure in The Missing Balls, also available on their site. Look for the full version of ‘Fran Bow’ this summer.


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