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Paranormal Activity filmmaker Oren Peli (again, he’s not directing but producing and cowriting) is about par for the course. Six tourists (including Jesse McCartney, Wolf Creek’s Nathan Phillips and Cold Prey 1/2’s Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) take an ill-advised excursion to Pripyat, the city that housed much of Chernobyl’s work force and their families, and their two hour extreme excursion becomes a two day nightmare after their only means of escape is mysteriously sabotaged. The location and atmosphere of the abandoned Pripyat (recreated quite authentically by director Bradley Parker and his crew) work incredibly well. You’ll barely notice the negligible characterizations and plotting. Peli has dropped his trademark found footage gimmick, though the movie would unfold only minimally different were he to have insisted upon its inclusion. The whole flick devolves into The Pripyat Has Eyes, but viewers with the slightest G(enre)Q should expect that development. The ending is still pretty (shrugs) “meh” though. Nonetheless, a fun Friday night could be had subjecting your jumpiest pal/significant other to this more frightening than the usual horror flick. ]]>

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