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Ep 174, Halloween III (1982) l The HorrorBull Podcast

Halloween III Halloween 3

Halloween III will forever be known not by its subtitle Season of the Witch but as ‘Oh, is that the one without Michael Myers?’

That being said, the movie doesn’t fair terribly on a re-watch. Certainly, it has some major plot…confusions, but the movie overall is not bad.

For those who don’t remember: Halloween III features Tom Atkins as an emergency room doctor who gets embroiled in a worldwide plot to kill all children on Halloween and replace them with robots. It involves witches and Druids and corporations, not unlike Election 2016, but it does have a pretty kickass score.

It was meant to be a departure for the series, in part because John Carpenter was distancing himself from the Akkads’ attempts to monetize Halloween for every dollar that could be squeezed out of the moviegoing public. Carpenter is involved in a limited capacity — he did the music — but this particular sequel is the brainchild of Halloween regular Tommy Lee Wallace, who wrote and directed the film.

Did I mention that this one doesn’t have Michael Myers in it? (Note: he’s on the TV at a few certain points. I get it. Don’t email us.)

This movie begs the question: What would the Halloween franchise have been like had Halloween III been an absolute hit? I believe the original run of the film grossed $14 million, which definitely outsized its $2.5 million budget, but it was at that point the lowest grossing of the series.

But what if it had been successful?

Would they have put Michael Myers back in the closet and trotted out even more apocalyptic plots? Thankfully, it’s something we don’t have to contemplate, because Mr. Butcher Knife himself returned in Halloween 4. At least we have an example of what else the filmmakers involved had up their sleeves.

Also, too bad H2 wasn’t huge, or else we might have seen Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween III at some point. Weird to think about, eh?



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