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Ep 182, The Devil’s Candy l The HorrorBull Podcast

The Devil’s Candy is more than a Marcy Playground. It’s a 90s reference that you’ll have to listen to the episode in order to understand.

The basic premise for The Devil’s Candy goes likes this: Ethan Embry paints less-than-metal murals to make a living, but he and his daughters are fans of punishing, guitar-driven rock.

The family ends up buying a home that happens to be haunted…by the devil? Okay, so here’s where I have to admit that I don’t totally understand the whole premise, but the dude who used to live at the house is definitely possessed, and Ethan Embry becomes possessed, so there’s that.

Anyway, the malevolent force running Ethan Embry’s life starts to divide the family, to the point that even a kick-ass red Gibson Flying V can’t solve their problems.

What is interesting about the movie are the subtle references to metal. Metallica is mentioned more than once, and Kirk Hammett is mentioned specifically in The Devil’s Candy. There’s a kick-ass use of Pantera’s By Demons Be Driven, from Vulgar Display of Power. They manage to snag Metallica’s cover of Diamond Head’s Am I Evil? and there are a few other things I probably didn’t even catch.

Tyler’s wife Kate calls the movie’s star, Ethan Embry, ‘The Devil’s Eye Candy.’ (She’s had a crush on him since she was fourteen years old, so it’s totes understandable.)

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