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Episode 113: The ReMakes-inator — The HorrorBull Podcast

Single moms and shade tree mechanics

What is up Hollywood’s ass? ┬áThe talk about remaking Big Trouble In Little China got us discussing the relative need for remakes. It’s obvious that plenty of remakes suck, but since whether or not we want them is a moot point, we might as well discuss what remakes are worthwhile and what makes for a good remake.

We also figured you’d want to listen to our incessant babbling and horrible jokes. Well here you go! Some things we discuss:

  • John Carpenter Remakes
  • Cujo
  • Creepshow
  • Cat’s Eye
  • Someone needs to redo that Shawshank Redemption piece of shit!
  • Bryan learns about shade tree mechanics
  • Drew learns not everything in love and war is at it seems
  • Lona learns that single moms just can’t be relied on
  • Tyler learns that you can’t buy feelings
  • …and so much more!!!


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