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Episode 120: Slugs:The Movie

"Did anyone even try salt?"

We started this podcast with movies like this in mind; bad movies that are really good. There are lots of shitty horror films that aren’t fun to talk about. Slugs is a blast! We wound up watching Slugs on the new horror streaming service Shudder. If you’re a fan of horror (and I don’t know why you would be listening to this if you weren’t), you should give it a shot! In case you wondered if Slugs had anything to offer, I offer you this:

  • 30 year old high schoolers?  Check
  • bad ADR? Check
  • alcoholism? Check
  • a sherrif that just can’t handle his anger? Check

Make sure you listen to our interview/mini-episode with the David Willis and Beau Crawford from Cicadas…The Movie.  A couple of great guys who are trying to make a cool indie killer insect film. Go follow them on Twitter and Facebook while you’re at it.


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