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Episode 122: Faces Of Death

Little known fact: After director John Alan Schwartz wrote “Faces of Death,” he did a series of other, less successful films including: “Faces of Sadness,” “Faces of Boredom” and “Faces of People Who Were Recently Startled By A Car Alarm in the Neighborhood.” Unfortunately they are only available on VHS and the last FOD film, “Faces of Death: Technology,” actually focuses on the death of the VCR, so you can never watch any of them. The original “Faces of Death,” though, available on Shudder, is ripe for the digital plucking, and viewing this will give you a chance to watch real videos of animal slaughters and fake videos of people dying in relatively benign ways with a touch of philosophical waxing. If that’s your bag, go check it out. And if you would like the unedited version, feel free to visit LiveLeak, where it is currently archived. Also, this reporter’s balls.

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