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Episode 163, Coherence (2013) l The HorrorBull Podcast


The people we think might be Drew, Lona, and Tyler joined together to discuss Coherence…or did we? OR, maybe some versions of ourselves got together to discuss Coherence. I don’t know. Something tells me we might need to roll dice to figure out which reality we’re living in.

Needless to say, this one was a difficult one for us to get our heads around. We actually had a slight snafu on the tech side of things, so be aware of that. Either that, or else there was a temporal divide and we crossed over to another side of the universe. Or another universe. The multiverse. Something.

Coherence was one hell of a movie, and we’d recommend it to anyone who dug The Invitation, which was also about people having a fucked-up time at a dinner party. The film is available for free, if you are a member of Amazon Prime and the attention span to understand quantum physics. Schrodinger’s Cat has nothing on this movie. It is both horrifying and entertaining, but you’ll have to witness it to know which.

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