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Episode 165, The Mind’s Eye (2016) l The HorrorBull Podcast

Larry Fessenden does what he does best...lose his bridge!!

‘The Mind’s Eye’ is the end result of what would happen if you mixed David Cronenberg’s ‘Scanners’ with another David Cronenberg movie, like ‘The Brood’ and threw in a little ┬áDavid Cronenberg, like the governmental aspects of ‘The Fly.’

It was set to be a great podcast — perhaps the best EVER! — until Bry-Bry’s dog made the episode sound like a complete murder-fest. Tyler thought he was living out his True Crime, well, not ‘fantasy.’ That sounds creepy. True Crime…nightmare, maybe?

Anyway, the movie is from sort of friend of the podcast, Joe Begos, and at least 50% of the podcast dug it a whole bunch. The movie has a distinct 80s ‘underhanded conspiracy’ vibe, complete with a synth score fit for ‘Far Cry: Blood Dragon’ and an aesthetic straight out of ‘Rambo.’

Reference overload, sorry. So, anyway, here’s the ep. Can’t wait to see what you think about it.

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