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Episode 167, Don’t Breathe (2016) l The HorrorBull Podcast

‘Don’t Breathe’ is the kind of horror movie that makes a horror movie podcast like us drool…or gag. Either way, we give our most honest movie review chutzpah to the test with this cum-guzzling entry into the genre. Fede Alvarez made us sit up and take notice with his horror remake Evil Dead from a few years ago, which we reviewed way back in 2013.

This movie is a home invasion story, more or less, with a few noticeable twists and turns. You’ve got all the elements that normally make a movie like this successful: a broken down town, desperate people, desperate circumstances, poverty, thuggish white dudes, and one PTSD-wrecked military man. You might be able to guess the twists, but you’ll probably still flip your lid at how the movie plays out.



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