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Episode 169, Blair Witch (2016) l The HorrorBull Podcast

Blair Witch

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Blair Witch. Whoo. This one caused a lot of anxiety in the podcast. We didn’t even quite know how to go about talking about the movie without talking about what frustrated us.

Thing is, we LOVE Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard. As a podcast, we can very easily say that You’re Next and The Guest are two of our favorite movies of the last several years.

But Blair Witch, it just squandered so much potential. Here was a real opportunity to revitalize the “brand” of the Blair Witch Project and establish Adam Wingard as THE go-to horror director of this generation.

C’est la vie. C’est la vie. Still, there was plenty to like about this movie. There is plenty of bombast and lots of jump scares. The problem is that none of it really means anything. Not only that, the movie barely acknowledges the history of the franchise, except for exposition’s sake early on in the first act.

Honestly, The Forest is probably a better looking-for-a-sibling-in-a-wooded-area film. Think about it. This one is just all hype based on the name. If Blair Witch weren’t the title, then this movie would pretty quickly rush to VOD and Redbox. Oh wait…

We spent most of the podcast talking to Bryan about why he’s such an empath and what prevents him from being able to stay awake during (any) movies.



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