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Episode 172, Halloween (1978) [Re-Release] l The HorrorBull Podcast

Halloween Podcast Episode

Michael Myers is back, and your favorite horror podcast has review THE film we’ve discussed more than all the others combed: John Carpenter’s Halloween.

This 1978 classic deserves all the plaudits we can levy upon it. The pacing is phenomenal, the direction is unparalleled, and the big bad…well, I think you know how we feel about Michael Myers.

Our Halloween podcast episode features a wide-ranging discussion on John Carpenter’s career, the master of horror’s legacy, and the films themselves. Can’t wait for you to listen.

Eventually, our goal is to work through all of the movies in the Halloween franchise, starting with the original John Carpenter’s Halloween and going all the way through Rob Zombie’s H2 [shudder] and beyond, if they decide to make more movies.

Here’s some Halloween trivia to accompany the episode. Now, you’ve probably heard by now that the mask used in the film was that of William Shatner, then of Star Trek, but you probably won’t be as aware of the rest of this list. Enjoy!

  • Halloween wasn’t the original title of the film. The film was initially called ‘The Babysitter Murders.’
  • Though the film was set in Illinois, it was actually shot in California.
  • Donald Pleasance’s character is named after Sam Loomis in ‘Psycho.’
  • The Myers house used in the film was 100% abandoned at the time.
  • It only took John Carpenter 3 days to complete the film’s score.
  • ‘The Shape’ is played by three different actors in the film: Nick Castle, Tony Moran (for the unmasking), and production designer Tommy Lee Wallace.
  • One of the films playing on-screen is Howard Hawks’ The Thing From Another World, which Carpenter would go on to remake and re-envision in 1982’s The Thing.
  • The opening shot from Michael’s young POV was inspired by the opening from A Touch of Evil.
  • The film only took 20 days to shoot in 1978 and was released later that same year.

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