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Episode 178, Resident Evil l The HorrorBull Podcast

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

With Resident Evil: BioHazard and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter coming out soon, we thought it would be a wonderful way to get 2017 started. Think of it as our very own transition, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Drew and I sat down to talk about everything Resident Evil, from our very first experiences with the video game series to our thoughts on the movies. (At least the ones we watched.)

And, if we’re being honest, Resident Evil is to the video game side of things that Halloween is to movies, with regard to horror. There’s a near-direct connection between the first Resident Evil game, what with its zombies and haunted house themes, to everything that came after.

In a lot of ways, Resident Evil sparked the new zombie movement. Everything had kind of died down in the late 80s, after the release of Day of the Dead and the few Return of the Living Dead flicks to come out. Then, in 1995 / 1996, Capcom unleashed an undead hell on the rest of us.

It wasn’t perfect. The dialogue was hokey, the controls were maddening, and the save systems could actively drive you insane. But in there was something really very special. That’s perhaps why we still care, over twenty years later.

Now, the world of the Umbrella Corporation got unwieldy somewhere along the way, so we can’t totally vouch for the entirety of the Resident Evil oeuvre. The non-canonical games can be train wrecks, for sure, and the movies are…well, they are things unto themselves.

BUT, there is certainly something about the world of the games that keeps bringing us back. Otherwise, we wouldn’t seem so excited about a new game coming out. You can’t remake history, and you very often can’t start a second revolution, but we hope sincerely that the new Resident Evil 7 will be good. Please, God. We don’t believe, but we do hope.

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