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The HorrorBull Podcast Episode 160: The Conjuring 2

What’s the deal with ghosts? All they want to do is fuck us up! The Conjuring 2 is yet another James Wan directed movie about ghosts, the supernatural, possessions, demonic forces, and messed-up family dynamics.

The Conjuring 2 stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmigia as a pair of sugar-sweet paranormal investigators who try to get out of the biz but have to tackle one of the most famous haunting cases ever (though they didn’t know it at the time).

The Enfield Haunting is really quite an interesting case of supernatural haunting and possession, and one only need to look at the Wiki page to confirm that there’s…something going on with this one.

The crew was kind of split over this one, and since Drew couldn’t make it this week, Bryan and Lona totally overpowered Tyler on the podcast’s overall opinion of the movie.

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