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Kill List is better made than it is told, and it’s really not even much of a horror film until the final, frightening act. Yet the festival hit has earned genre fans forgiveness for its storytelling failures due to its tremendous climax that harkens back to the British horror of the 70s. Ex-soldier Jay (Neil Maskell) struggles to support his wife (MyAnna Buring) and son (Harry Simpson). When Jay and his buddy Gal (Michael Smiley) are offered a lucrative, albeit overly mysterious contract to kill three people, the duo jumps at the chance. But some jobs are better left alone.  What starts as an English A Serbian Film takes a turn toward The Wicker Man’s Summerisle. The discordant, cool stories are mashed together with no real attempt to connect them. The mystery’s revelation makes no bloody sense. So much is done right by writer-director Ben Wheatley and his crew (jumpy editing, memorable music) that you wish he and cowriter Amy Jump had attempted to glue it all together narratively. Still, the final act is such a monstrously good time (shades of latter day Resident Evil crop up), most horror fans will fail to care. ]]>

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