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(R) Adapting videogames to the big screen is tricky. Christophe Gans and Roger Avary’s 2006 Silent Hill set the (admittedly low) bar for a great videogame adaptation. Rose Da Silva’s trek to save her daughter Sharon from the titular town’s evil cultists was creepy and atmospheric, yet utterly nonsensical. In writer-director Michael J. Bassett’s sequel, Sharon has grown up to be Heather Mason (Michelle Williams lookalike Adelaide Clemens), who must return to Silent Hill to find her dad, Chris-now-Harry (Sean Bean). Bassett overreaches, attempting to right the narrative wrongs of Gans/Avary, reward fans of Silent Hill 3 and open up the weird, confusing town of Silent Hill for the uninitiated, all in three, terrifying dimensions. The psychological scares that dominate the games are slight, though Bassett provides a couple of memorable monsters (the mannequin spider deserved more screen time). Bassett’s story makes more sense than his predecessor’s, thanks to dialogue that is 99 percent expository (and 100 percent awful); most of the acting stinks too. Indiscriminating horror fans may enjoy a second trip to Silent Hill, but the outing is probably best enjoyed by experienced gamers looking to take a shortened trek through Heather’s six (or so) hour gaming adventure.


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