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(PG-13) After an opening attack that is neither intriguing or chilling, The Possession settles into a suitable, if soporific groove. This Exorcist-wannabe, which is naturally based on a true story, benefits from Jeffrey Dean Morgan (looking particularly Javier Bardem-ish) as the basketball coach father of a young girl (played by Natalie Calis with more depth than the usual horror movie moppet in danger) that starts exhibiting strange behavior after picking up an antique box at a yard sale of the lady from the movie’s opening scene. The box,a Dibbuk (demon) box of Hebrew lore, leads to more Judaic horror a la The Unborn (Catholicism being so five minutes ago as the go-to faith for the horror genre). Director Ole Bornedal knows how to adequately craft a small horror flick (the original Nightwatch, not to be confused with the Russian Night Watch, deserves viewing; skip the American remake), but he can’t get much terror out of Boogeyman writers Juliet Snowden and Stiles White’s script. The Possession best take advantage of an anemic horror market, as aware genre fans know there are better flicks on the way (V/H/S, Sinister).


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