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Episode 114: We Are Still Here — The Horror Bull Podcast

Adults of the Corn


We Are Still Here

I keep suggesting that there needs to be a Larry Fessenden-themed movie festival named “The Larry Festenden.” Everyone laughs and says that would be awesome but nobody will give me the money to make it happen. Let’s make it happen guys, whaddya say?

We Are Still Here also gives a good, healthy dose of the Fess. Ghosts, angry townspeople, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite plus 30 years, dead children and pre-American Recording’s Johnny Cash round out this period supernatural horror movie. The period is the 1970s which is less romanticized than the 1770s but way hairier.

It has been an interesting year for indie horror so far, what with movies like It Follows breaking big, making way for incredibly original other horror movies to be produced, especially on such an indie level, like We Are Still Here. However, our feelings for the movie might have been spoiled by the spate of great indie horror of late. We are a horror podcast, after all, so not every movie strikes it hot for us these days.


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